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The usage of this implementation assumes a few pre-requisites, namely:

- The controls need to have the following naming convention: {CLSID}control_name.extension (the extension can be CAB, DLL or OCX)
- A folder under wwwroot needs to be created to host the controls, named "ActiveX" (although this can be changed in the currentDir variable in the source)

The configuration details are as follows:

On the server:

- Place the controlstore.aspx resource in the root of an internally accessible IIS server
- Place the needed controls, with the naming convention above, in the "ActiveX" folder

On the client:

- Make sure the CodeBaseSearchPath string value points to the web server. This can be configured through group policy by using the following setting:

You can read mode about the Internet Component download behavior at

A few remarks:

- The above will only redirect any ActiveX control download to the local store only: the user will still have to be an administrator to actually install the control
- This can be overcome by using the ActiveX installer service, where you basically only need to define the internal web server hosting the control store as an allowed host in the AxIS configurations
- This solution doesn't not work properly with Non-Admin ActiveX controls:

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